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Joining Waqf-e-Arzi can be a transformative experience that will enhance all aspects of your life. Take the first step towards spiritual growth and personal development by joining Waqf-e-Arzi today. For internships with duration of 3 or more days, a completion certificate will be provided to all volunteers for successfully participating in this program.

Volunteering Areas

Web Development

A web development internship using React and WordPress involves learning how to build dynamic and responsive web applications and websites.

App Development

An app development internship for iOS and Android involves learning how to create and deploy mobile applications using native or hybrid technologies.

Content Assistance

A content assistance internship for involves helping with data mapping for the app, including organizing and structuring content for optimal user experience.


An audiobook internship involves creating or editing English/Urdu audiobooks, helping with narration, post-production editing, and quality assurance.


An ebooks internship involves creating digital books for Jammat-e-Ahmadiyya literature, including formatting, layout design, and publishing on various digital platforms.

Graphic Design

A graphic design internship involves utilizing UI/UX principles, Photoshop, and InDesign to create visually appealing designs for websites, apps, and marketing materials.

Social Media

A social media internship involves creating and scheduling content for various social media platforms, analyzing engagement data, and developing social media strategies for increased brand awareness.

Motion Graphic

A motion graphics internship involves participating in video production, editing, and designing animated graphics and visual effects to enhance video content and convey messages effectively.


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Disaster Relief

Be the helping hand in times of crisis - Join our Disaster Relief Internship and make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Infrastructure Development

Building a brighter future together - Join our Infrastructure Development Internship and work alongside IAAAE and Humanity First to make a lasting impact.


Get your foot in the door of the business world - Join our Administration Internship and gain valuable experience in phone calls, bookkeeping, and more.

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